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Charity Events
Photography FREE event coverage

Let us come to you and take photos of your charity event FREE of charge and also get more donations for your charity.
How does this work?
We have a proven track record at covering charity events and offering our photos for purchase to the charity goers/ fundrasers and whats more we give the charity a cut of what has been taken. We do this by displaying the photos on a big screen TV on site which lets the charity goers see themselves in action after the event. You do not have to pay anything at all, we make our money by selling the photos after the event.

What events have we covered.
We have done all kinds of charity events from Whitewater Rafting races down the river tay and river tummel to it's a knockout roadshow (big blown up obstical course from the old TV show). We've also covered charity absails from various crazy places as well as a pedal kart Grand Prix event round knockhill race circuit.
We have done alot of events with CHSS (chest, heart and stroke scotland) and Sense Scotland mainly covering there rafting events.

So What Are You Waiting For? If you have a charity event or anything at all you would like photographed or videod please don't hesitate to call us.

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Charity video
Advertising, marketing promo video, DVD, website
we can make a promo video to help market and promote your charity event that can be put on your website or facebook page. We also have the facilities to mass produce DVDs that you can send along with an info pack. There are many other options available aswel so please
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